The madness of WaterToys in the Mediterranean

Fight against the heat, relax, have fun in the water, laugh, spend time, enjoy life – these are all possibilities that the Mediterranean offers us.

And for that there is a fun and interactive way to enjoy water: WaterToys.

They will have something to boost your energy and enthusiasm.

What is a WaterToy?


A WaterToy is literally a water toy. But more than this simple translation, it is high-tech equipment that allows you to enjoy the water in another way. Vacations by the sea would be nothing without a few beach games and fun water activities to boost your feelings and brighten up your summer vacation.

Need examples?

  • The SeaWing is a small motorized handlebar that fits in your bag. Ideal to accompany you to the beach, it will allow you to swim effortlessly by being propelled by its two turbines.
  • The FlyBoard will make you fly above the sea thanks to a revolutionary thruster. A pair of magic boots that will give you a unique and unprecedented feeling.
  • The Awake is your innovation and speed ally. This electric surf allows you to move forward without the help of the wind. Thanks to its engine you can slide at 56 km/h and feel a long-awaited adrenaline rush.

All of this equipment, which is both fun and technological, must still be offered by professionals and require serious supervision.

This is why Custom Motors accompanies you in your choices, but also in your moments of fun. Always by your side, we ensure your safety.

How to have fun in Antibes and at sea despite the health crisis?

acrobatic jetski

Technology has allowed the water sports sector to experience a real revolution. Consequently, techniques and tools are affected. Athletes benefit greatly from this progress for their own account and for the happiness of practitioners.

Find a smile with Custom Motors!

With the global spread of the current pandemic, it has become difficult to find a risk-free activity. However, it’s time more than ever to find a little joy and fun. The advantage of WaterToys is that there is a wide range of them that can be used alone. You will be able to practice a nautical and fun activity without fearing for your health or that of your loved ones.

Want more examples? Here are a few :


Still little known to the general public and yet so innovative, this UFO of the sea will give you the feeling of truly being part of the underwater world. With its 7-speed motor, you can choose to enjoy an underwater ride to discover the corals or opt for a sporty race and propel yourself at high speed. It is a true technological innovation that will transport you on and under water.

Ø JetSki

The best known and most widespread of the WaterToys is the jet-ski. This sea bike which combines innovation and nautical technology will allow you to obtain sensations of speed and freedom for an invigorating getaway at sea. Alone or in pairs on the jet-ski, you can explore the Mediterranean coasts with pleasure and a feeling of sliding.

The Mediterranean at the service of fun

Impossible to get bored in the Mediterranean. It is full of many experiences to live and reserves multiple sources of fun and wonder.

Athletes will find their account there by practicing nautical activities for all tastes such as jet skiing, seabob, windsurfing, flitebord, electric surfing, flyboard and many more.

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