The history of Seabreacher

The creation of the Seabreacher stems from one of the oldest ideas that animates humanity: To make possible what is said to be impossible.

Just like the Wrights brothers at the time, whose idea was said to be impossible. The Seabreacher starts from the challenge born in the head of its designer Robert Innes, to create a machine that could reproduce the sensations that dolphins can have when they play at the interface of Water and Air.

The bet was difficult but he was helped by a friend Dan PiazzaAfter 10 years of compromise between Rob's Dream and Dan's Reality, in 2008. The first Model X to leave the workshop.

Since then, more than 160 models have been produced around the world. But as Rob says, "You don't buy a Seabreacher, you create it." Each model released is the image of its owner and the perfect Summer activity in France.

"It's because they didn't know that it was impossible, that they did it”

Mark Twain

Model X is Custom Motors most iconic model. Racy like a dolphin or aggressive like a shark.

Customize your Seabreacher to add your own touch of imagination . It is capable of spectacular acrobatics on water and in the air. Easy to handle, it is an ideal model to familiarize yourself with the ability to dive .

Equipped with a powerful 300hp engine, power will be no problem.


  • Shark shell with fin and tail and 3D gills
  • One or two tone paint
  • 300hp Seadoo engine
  • Supercharged
  • Expandable air inlet for deeper diving
  • Dual axis vectored thrust for optimal maneuverability
  • Panoramic canopy cockpit
  • Customizable full padding
  • Integrated screens for pilots and passengers broadcasting images from the on-board GoPro on the air intake
  • Built-in Stainless Bluetooth Sound System


  • Trailer – Standard (steel, black or white paint)
  • Trailer – Premium (All Aluminum, tinted rim 18”)
  • Custom Blanket Cover
  • Cockpit cooling system (portable and color matched)
  • Depth indicator echo sounder
  • Bluetooth communication system (2 units and 2 headsets)
  • Support for launching from Yacht or pontoon)
  • Custom embroidery in the cockpit (up to 4 logos)
  • Custom logo under the hull
  • Custom painting by a designer



Length 482cm
Width 106cm
Wingspan 198cm
Height 147cm
Weight 657Kg
Passengers 2
52L Fuel Tank
Max surface speed 85Km/H
Max submerged speed 32Km/H


Type 300hp Seadoo engine
Displacement 1500cc
Cylinders 3
Premium unleaded fuel
Transmission Direct Drive Forward / Neutral / Reverse
Axial Flow Jet and Pump
Centrifugal type, 10-blade stator
3 curved blade impeller for optimized torque
Material Stainless steel


Hull type V-hull with hard chines
Composite material and fiberglass
Aeronautical type acrylic canopy (thermoformed)
Seats Fiberglass and convoluted foam
Controls 2 wing control sticks (dive, roll)
Finger control trigger for acceleration
Pedals control the rear ailerons
Instruments Indicators on the dashboard: speed, RPM,
engine status, depth, voltage, pressure