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The Seabob is now available from Custom Motors! Discover an incredible high-speed propulsion machine for splitting the waves or exploring the underwater depths.
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On the waves or underwater

The Seabob flies through the seas at full speed: between the waves or while diving, it offers you absolute freedom of movement. Its powerful thrust, its long autonomy and its outstanding handling will allow you to discover the marine world from a new angle!

Speed in two dimensions

22 km/h on water
20 km/h under water

The F5 SR is 10% faster than its predecessor and offers up to seven speeds to help you find the best balance in any situation.

Long-lasting autonomy

70 minutes at full speed

Improved hydrodynamics, increased battery capacity: despite the substantial increase in speed, the SEABOB now offers you 17% more battery power!

Water Toys

Speed: Up to 22km/h on water and 20km/h underwater

Autonomy: 70 minutes at maximum speed

Its battery recharges in 8h, or in 1h30 thanks to its fast charging mode!

The patented “E-Jet Power System” principle works in accordance with the physical principles of water displacement. This allows the Seabob to propel itself much more efficiently and smoothly than its competitors.

Thanks to its 100% electric technology, you can cross the seas while preserving the planet, since it emits no CO2 emissions.

The Seabot offers you a unique system of double video recording in full-HD.

With the help of a simple button, a camera is activated on the front of the device allowing you to discover and make discover the seabed.

Another camera, on the cockpit, allows you to record yourself during the action and thus offer a unique video experience!

All recordings are saved on the Seabot, which can then transmit them to any mobile phone or computer thanks to the integrated Wifi.

The Seabot is available in a wide range of colors and patterns, customizable through the application of several layers.

– Dimensions: 1,152 x 507 x 372mm

– Weight: 35 kg