The GPS watch an essential accessory

GPS watch: the navigation accessory to stay on course

Whether it’s water adventures, water sports, or just leisure time in the water, a GPS watch can be a real asset for many reasons. Whether it’s a safety feature or a performance tracker, this multifunctional device will accompany you along with the essential accessories to enjoy pleasant sports moments on the water.

What do I need to know about water sports?

Authorized areas for water-based recreation

First of all, it is essential to know the regulations in force in terms of areas that can be used by any type of watercraft. And the limits of these zones to be respected may vary depending on the hobby you practice. For windsurfers and kitesurfers, for example, you have to sail at 200 meters. of the coasts. Also be sure to always check your position on the water to make sure you stay in the authorized area and avoid dangerous places or protected nature reserves.

Required equipment to enjoy water sports

In addition to the classic life jackets that can save your life in case of a fall in the water, some equipment and accessories can be very useful when you take your watercraft out on the water. An appropriate outfit for the practice of your sport is essential. To ensure your visibility in case of necessity, you can integrate reflective armbands or any type of luminous accessories. A geolocation beacon, or long duration tracker, can also be slipped into a pocket to allow emergency services to find you quickly if necessary. Otherwise, the GPS watch is an excellent option to ensure your safety while enjoying its many features.

Why is a GPS watch essential for staying on course?

GPS takes to the water with the connected watch

It is proudly displayed on our dashboard in the car. From now on, GPS takes to the water thanks to the “connected watch” format that allows you to take it everywhere with you and use the features that interest you in all circumstances. And even on the water for water sports enthusiasts, thanks to its flawless waterproofing.

What are the advantages of a waterproof sports watch?

In addition to its sportswear design that will delight fans of beautiful connected objects as well as the most adventurous, the GPS sports watch has many assets that will allow you to enjoy your favorite water sport even more.

To track your sports performance

The GPS connected watch dedicated to sports is perfectly water resistant and directly integrates some water sports in its basic applications. For example, it has a feature to track your surfing or swimming performance.

For all the other sports that the watch does not yet include in its features, it allows you to measure the duration of activity, calories burned and distance traveled, among others. This allows you to track your results over time and beat your past performance.

Far from being a simple gadget, the connected sports watch allows you to expand your possibilities to focus on progress.

To ensure your safety in case of a problem

Its main functionality being its integrated GPS, the connected watch can not only allow you to find your way with ease, but also fulfills an important geolocation thanks to an integrated position tracker that will allow your loved ones to locate you easily wherever you are.

Most connected watches also have an “emergency call” feature, allowing you to make an emergency call even when you have no signal. An essential if you practice your sport alone in the open sea.

What are the criteria for choosing a connected watch for your water sports activities?

The first criterion seems obvious: your GPS watch must be perfectly waterproof. Therefore, check its level of waterproofness according to the needs of your sport.

The autonomy is also an essential criterion to enjoy your connected watch for hours. It would be a shame to find yourself without your precious accessory when you haven’t finished your session on the water.

Other selection criteria simply depend on your needs, your budget and your expectations in terms of a GPS watch. A novice in water sports will, of course, not have the same needs as an experienced fliteboarder.

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Whether you want an accessory that measures your progress in terms of sports performance or you want to use your GPS watch for its primary function, this connected object is suitable for all water sports and leisure activities.

Indeed, the connected watch is tested in real conditions to ensure that it is more than waterproof enough for leisure activities on and in the water.

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