How to maintain your Jet Ski in Antibes?

Water toys, jet skis and speedboats – wintering, storage and maintenance in antibes


With the still vibrant memories of sun, waves and gliding that you have left, there is perhaps also the concern to protect your nautical gear from the extreme cold.

Yet storing them, you’ll see, isn’t as much of a hassle as it seems. In this article, we bring you our advice on the 5 steps to follow to prepare for the proper storage and maintenance of your nautical gear and other Watertoys during wintering.

Want to do it right? So, follow our step-by-step tips to get your car back in the water with peace of mind during the coming sunny days.

F ollow our 6 steps for wintering your nautical garage

Water toys

Failing to take the usual precautions to keep your jet ski, speedboat or other nautical item in good condition off-season is foolishly giving up on a summer full of fun and thrills! It would be a shame to shorten the life of your machine, when 6 small steps are enough to ensure a memorable sliding experience for the next season.

These 6 steps are as follows:

  1. First of all, you must thoroughly rinse the motorized vehicle with clean water. This makes it possible to remove the residues of sand, dirt and especially salt in order to avoid stains.
  2. Drain any water from the engine before storing your Jet Ski. When mounting it on a trailer, be sure to tilt the rear. In this way, with the front then slightly raised, the water that is there will flow out by itself. To better expel residual water from the engine, turn it on at regular intervals of 20 to 30 seconds, while applying the throttle.
  3. Filling the gas tank is one of the most important points in the proper storage of your jet ski. It is essential to add a fuel stabilizer and to close the cap well afterwards, to prevent the gasoline from degrading and damaging the fuel line or the engine. For elements and watertoys that are not gasoline-powered, remember to clean them.
  4. Don’t forget to do a good oil change. Replacing the filter and filling the tank with new oil will give your Jet Ski a whole new lease of life for the coming summer.
    For all your nautical elements, outboards and water toys, remember to generously lubricate the brakes and handlebars using a spray bottle, to better prevent the possible risks of corrosion.
  5. Remove the battery from all your electric and motor water toys, which you will place on a cloth or floor mat until further use. Keeping it plugged in could drain it completely. To avoid damaging it, make sure to keep it at a daily controlled temperature.
    For added protection, you can always hook it up to an autoloader.
  6. Keep your jet-skys, watertoys, speedboats and more out of the weather and freezing. Store them in a dry, temperature-controlled place.

Don’t have the time or inclination to deal with all of this? No problem, CUSTOM MOTORS supports you and takes care of the wintering of your Water Toys .

Custom Motors accompanies you in the wintering of your nautical garage

Water toys in the marine wharehouse

Preparing for the wintering, storage and maintenance of your Jet Ski and other water toys may seem complex, long and time-consuming. Many people don’t have the time, the inclination, or even the appropriate space available.

If you are committed to maintaining your watercraft properly, contacting a specialized technician can then prove to be more than useful, in addition to getting rid of an often significant weight.

Just two minutes from Port Vauban in Antibes, our warehouse is at your entire disposal. We, at Custom Motors France, are committed to offering you the best possible service. We are looking forward to receiving your inquiries and, should there be any questions regarding our products, contact the team anytime and do not hesitate to ask away!

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