SeaRaft is the leading manufacturer of custom inflatable marine platforms. Our premium rafts are handcrafted in Europe and tailored specifically to the individual needs of your yacht.Offering unmatched strength and stability
– combined with an unbeatable lightness
– our products are designed for quick deployment and compact
and compact storage.

They are the perfect solution for safe mooring, unloading of passengers, protection of your yacht and much more

"Bringing the design of your platform to the ultimate level. you dream it, we build it."

The pool is the perfect recreational toy for superyacht owners and their guests, taking comfort and entertainment to the highest level. Although designed with your guests in mind, the SeaRaft remains lightweight and compact for easy assembly, cleaning, storage and retrieval.


We offer several standard size T or M shaped jets.
Jetski docks, ranging from 1 to 6 jetskis and available in one-piece or modular configurations.

SeaRaft Jet Ski docks come standard with:

  • Water ballast bags
  • Soft carrying handles
  • D-rings
  • Rubbing strips around the dock
  • All packaged and protected in a convenient storage and carrying bag
  • Simple and straightforward

Our jet ski docks contain not only jet skis, but also Seabobs and other water toys, all shaped to the specific stern profile of the yacht.

From small sectional components to large custom platforms, we can find the exact configuration to meet your needs.

Our modular design approach allows for easy connection to any part of your yacht and platforms can be quickly and efficiently converted from one task to another. Meticulously designed interchangeable platforms make this a cost-effective solution for any situation.


Need extra deck space when you're on the water? Nothing can offer a more perfect solution than a SeaRaft inflatable platform. There are several options for you and your guests; SeaRaft standard platforms are an economical and creative way to extend valuable deck space.


SeaRaft is unique in the production of high quality custom inflatable solutions for the superyacht industry. Using only the highest quality fabrics combined with superior bonding techniques, our rafts are designed and manufactured under one roof in Germany, creating the lightest, stiffest and easiest to use platforms on the market


The renowned craftsmanship and quality of our rafts are now available in our wide range of yacht slides and toys. Making SeaRaft the go-to supplier for your complete line of inflatables and the perfect solution for matching platforms and toys. Our Yacht Toys can be customized to any size. Connect and combine our other inflatable yacht toys, such as the SeaRaft Floating Trampolines and our Climbing Water Castle.


SeaRaft offers a wide range of high quality accessories to enhance your platform. From aerial steps that improve ease of access to your ocean pool or jet ski dock to seats and lounge chairs that allow you to relax anywhere on the yacht or beach.


SeaRaft manufactures custom inflatable platforms and rafts using the strongest materials available. Superior design and quality ensure exceptional durability and long life, combined with functionality and aesthetics, guaranteeing that SeaRaft products are the boating essentials you will enjoy for years to come.