Technology at the service of water sports in the Alpes-Maritimes

The Water Toys craze has hit the Mediterranean!

Surfing, kitesurfing, wakesurfing, sailing, rafting, wakeboarding, kneeboarding, water skiing, jet-skiing, aquaskipping, water polo, motorboating… All are excellent for people looking for thrills, who love speed and freedom or who want to push their limits. Their benefits on well-being, endurance, body and health are obvious.

Our beautiful region of the Alpes-Maritimes allows us to practice these sports in the most beautiful way. The Mediterranean and its incredible fauna and flora offers us an incredible playground.

Exceptional sports on the Mediterranean

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Water sports rhyme with autonomy, independence, joy, fun and excitement. This practice in the middle of nature is booming, and is increasingly accessible. Prices have dropped considerably and we can now enjoy water sports at low prices.

Men and women, young or adults are seduced by its originality, its different disciplines, each as special as others.

Water sports are playful, enduring and fun. Se finding yourself between the water and the air gives a feeling of freedom and indescribable fulfillment. We discover and enjoy the pleasure of skiing and water.

Nothing better to fill up on adrenaline, incredible adventures and unforgettable memories. Beginners get a taste for it quickly and the more experienced are constantly trying new techniques.

Innovations for even more sensations

Technology has enabled the water sports industry to know a real revolution. Therefore, the techniques and tools are affected. Athletes benefit greatly from this progress for their own account and for the happiness of the practitioners.

In recent years, specific and modern equipment has been launched. Thanks to CUSTOM MOTORS you can try the experience without constraint and for cheap.

Flyboarding is an experience not to be missed ! If you want to fly and think you’re a bird, don’t wait any longer. This flying equipment works thanks to a turbine thruster. A pair of boots keeps the pilot’s feet parallel.

Its use requires a minimum of habituation. Some tests are necessary and above all professional supervision. Our team you accompanies and stays by your side throughout your flight. feelings impressive guarantees.

This jewel is the result of new technology whose Customization possibilities are vast. It is a gliding board and works thanks to an electric hydrofoil. The pilot glides and flies at the same time time over 40 km/h. Unlikely, but true, you’ll feel like in the future. All that remains is to enjoy and enjoy experience.

  • The Seabob

Also known as a new age nautical toy, the Seabob is the essential to move easily and quickly on or in the water, like a dolphin. This machine allows you to discover the seabed 40 meters deep. Electric, powerful and silent, it’s the ally of a magical journey. Environmentally and species friendly underwater, it blends in perfectly with the environment.

You dreamed of it, they did it. The AWAKE board is an electric surfboard that brings new sensations. Propel yourself to more than 56km/h in just a few seconds to enjoy an intense glide. This motorized equipment is efficient, environmentally friendly and easy to use. Amateur or professional surfers can indulge in their favorite activity even in sites without waves. They will have no problem mastering the board and controlling the speed above the water.

Whatever your desire, we support you to ensure your safety and teach you the basics. We, at Custom Motors France, are committed to offering you the best possible service. We are looking forward to receiving your inquiries and, should there be any questions regarding our products, contact the team anytime and do not hesitate to ask away! 

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