Entretenir son fliteboard à Antibes

How to maintain your fliteboard?

The Custom Motors team explains everything there is to know about the maintenance of a fliteboard, the favorite electric surfboard of Mediterranean people.

What is a fliteboard?

Before we start talking about maintenance, let’s quickly go over what fliteboard is.
The fliteboard is an electric surfboard. So it’s a way to surf and glide on the water
even in the absence of waves and rollers. A true concentrate of technology, the fliteboard
Allows you to glide on the water and Even fly Above it in balance at a speed of more than
40km / h.
To take advantage of it, you can book a single session where you will be accompanied by an
experienced instructor who will guide you in its use (link to the rental page) or you can start
buying one of these nautical wonders.


How to maintain your fliteboard?

Once you own such a sea craft, you will need to take care of it. Like all
equipment, the fliteboard requires a few maintenance routines to stay in good condition for as
long as possible.
Here are the first tips that should not be overlooked.

Think about wintering

When you are not using your fliteboard, remember to winterize it. That is to say, store it in a cool and dry place away from bad weather, frost, too  high or too low temperatures.
Take the opportunity to carry out a complete cleaning with fresh water of the device and of each part which composes it before storage.
Finally, remove the battery from its holder and store it separately.


Rinsing, the key step

After each trip at sea, remember to rinse your fliteboard with clear water.

This is valid for all your nautical equipment.

The salt in seawater can cause white spots and damage the surface of your fliteboard over time.
Clean the electrical contacts with contact cleaner.

fliteboard engineering

Reasoned loading

The ideal is to store the battery at 30% of its capacity.
The maintenance must be done after 6 months or 100 hours of use
During this maintenance we do:
a general check of all the connections, an update of the board and the battery, a replacement of the end cap assembly seals, a replacement of
the gearbox shaft oil , a leak check of the Flitebox and a replacement of the anode. It is important to note that without this maintenance the warranty cannot be applied in the event of a problem with the board.

Our selection of spare parts

Custom Motors offers a wide selection of spare parts for fliteboard for sale,
allowing you to maintain it over the long term, repair it if necessary and improve it as you go
You will find our entire catalog directly on our online sales page or in our workshop located in Antibes.

The batteries

We offer 2 types of batteries. Drums explore and sport drums. Opt for
an extra battery to increase the time spent on your board. The explore battery is the longest lasting model.


Your choice of kite will influence the speed and balance of your fliteboard. Depending on your practice, you can change the wing of your fliteboard to gain speed, balance and even curvature during your turns.
As your practice evolves, we suggest you opt for the flyer wing!

A personalized cover

To embellish and personalize your fliteboard you can also choose a
plain colored cover or personalized with your designs, your name or your favorite color. It’s a way to have a unique and original fliteboard.

Our team is at your disposal to create the
cover that will suit you.



Our entire team is at your disposal to answer your questions and advise you on the best way to maintain your fliteboard.
Important event of this month is the arrival of the Fliteboard series you can now contact us for more information on the innovation of this board and to make your pre-orders now!


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