The Seabreacher, new summer activity

The Seabreacher , you won’t believe your eyes

There are many nautical activities that appear every summer to entertain you and have fun, something to delight nautical fans. Surely you must know the Seabreacher? It is perfect for people who love water activities.

You don’t know him yet? Discover this new summer activity through this article and treat yourself to a unique and adrenaline-filled experience!

The Seabreacher : what is it?

The Seabreacher is a semi-submersible boat (similar to a personal watercraft) that can be customized. It exists in several forms, but the best known are: the shape of the shark, the shape of the dolphin, the shape of a killer whale. The Seabreacher is built by hand and adapts to the wishes of the customers, that is to say that everyone can choose from a wide range of individualized options. The body of the craft looks like a cross between a sea animal and a very high performance fighter jet. And here it has already arrived!

The different Seabreacher models for rent in Antibes and Marseille

The seabreacher is available in three models, and fully customizable. Step into the shoes of a marine mammal is now possible thanks to Seabreacher. Perform spectacular figures and jumps like the animal you have chosen! And all this, at high speed! depth, for an incredible experience.

How does a Seabreacher work?

The Seabreacher is much more advanced than personal watercraft, as it can easily perform several actions like an airplane. You can tilt it to the right or left, dive and jump or even cut through the waves. The seabreacher has a canopy, which will allow you to feel like in a bubble and enjoy a panoramic view.

The latest model, the Shark X, is even capable of rotating 360°C on the water. The Seabreacher is driven with joysticks and pedals like an airplane. It is also capable of going at more than 80km/h and underwater, it can even go at 40km/h. A real marvel!

Note that this device is not a submarine, it allows you partial immersion. But it is still possible to descend briefly to about 1.5m deep, for an incredible experience.

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The Seabreacher: an activity for this Summer in France

The Seabreacher is an original activity, because it combines ingenuity and fun. You easily have the opportunity to go very fast on the water in exceptional comfort. You can also dive under water easily and without risk of injury. It is equipped with a safety belt to keep you in balance despite the few jolts.

See seascapes from a different perspective. Have no fear, the device is very quickly mastered, for guaranteed pleasure and thrills.

Very innovative, it is now the favorite of many nautical fans who do not hesitate to make the most of it.

You can rent the seabreacher of your choice for a session at Custom Motors in Antibes. You benefit from a little training to take control of this semi-submersible boat.

This is a safe activity supervised by a trained and qualified instructor. You will simply love this activity with a mixture of tranquility and thrill.

Do you still have questions about this surprising Seabreacher before embarking on this most unusual activity? We, at Custom Motors France, are committed to offering you the best possible service. We are looking forward to receiving your inquiries and, should there be any questions regarding our products, contact the team anytime and do not hesitate to ask away!

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