The flyboard, an experience not to be missed

The flyboard, more than an experience

The flyboard is a propulsion machine that promises exceptional sensations. The flyboard is undoubtedly a jewel of technology at the service of water sports ! It is found today in many nautical bases in France and on the shores of the Mediterranean as its popularity continues to grow.

This high-sensation water activity has become trendy for almost 10 years all over the world, it has become THE star of sensational activities to do during your summer holidays.

The first concept was designed in 2011, then made public a year later by Francky Zapata, a former French motorcycle pilot.

And yes, the flyboard is a French invention.

The first flybo ard World Championship held in 2012 experienced a resounding success. It was a Frenchman, Stéphane Prayas, who was the winner of this first flyboard world championship.

If you are a thrill seeker, this is the activity you will have to try for this summer.

But then, what is the flyboard? What are the advantages ? And can we do it safely?

What is the flyboard?

Flyboarding is an extreme sport bordering on fiction, as it allows you to move above the water and dive like a dolphin. It is the most fun and most inventive aquatic activity of recent years, the goal of which will be to propel you above the water. The challenge is to keep in balance.

It allows you to fly from 7 to 12 meters above water. The propulsion is provided by two water jets, connected to the turbine of the jet-ski.

Thanks to the joysticks connected to the “nozzles” placed under the feet, it is possible to steer the flyboard as you see fit.

Balance is essential. However, once you understand the principle and the various tips for getting around, you will fully enjoy the thrills!

The flyboard, for whom?

The activity consists of hovering over the water, so you may wonder who can try such a revolutionary and attractive activity. 

To practice this nautical experience, you must be at least 16 years old and have parental authorization. For adults, there is no particular contraindication. This activity is open to everyone.

Rest assured, the flyboard is safe to practice. During your session, you must wear a helmet and a vest, in addition you are accompanied by an instructor who guides you. Know that your instructor will never leave you alone in the air over the water. So you don’t have to worry.

It is not necessary to have special training or others to practice this sport. On the other hand, it is preferable to have a good physical condition, because the flyboard still requires important maneuvers to perform. In addition, the flyboard is able, if you wish and with a good command, to make you perform acrobatic figures. 

It is important to have a good balance if we want to take full advantage of the capabilities of this machine which never ceases to amaze us.

The advantages of flyboarding

At first glance, the activity may seem complicated to practice. In reality, it is rather playful and easy to handle. Which makes it all the more attractive. You will therefore be able to perform movements at a height of several meters in a very short time!

As soon as you have found your balance, you will have to propel yourself in the air, the thrust, it seems, is phenomenal without being violent. You will certainly enjoy progressing at high speed, and flying like in your childhood dreams.

In just a few minutes of testing and getting started, you will undoubtedly be able to appreciate the sensations that the experience provides and perhaps even perform some acrobatic tricks worthy of the name!

In addition to offering exceptional sensations, the flyboard also seduces by its affordable side. Which is very appreciable.

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