Stay warm on a Fliteboard in Antibes

Our tips for staying warm even in the water

The sun shows the tip of its nose and we feel the beautiful days are coming. But the temperatures are not yet at their maximum and even less so in the water.

This is why you will have to protect yourself to take advantage of our various Watertoys and nautical activities in the Alpes-Maritimes around Antibes.

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The outfits to choose to practice fliteboarding in the Mediterranean

The fliteboard is an electric surfboard. It allows you to fly above the water while feeling the extreme sensations of gliding. But just like classic surfing, we advise you to be equipped and to have adequate clothing.

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Neoprene, what is it?

Neoprene is a material more than appreciated by surfers and other water sports enthusiasts. This rubber-derived material is one of the few water-resistant fabrics. In addition, it has a very good thermal resistance which guarantees you to stay warm even in the water.

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Neoprene gloves protect you from the cold. The hands, like all the extremities of your body, are the first to suffer from the cold. Associated with this the alternation between air and water, they risk drying out very quickly. This is why gloves are essential as long as the temperatures are not warmer.

You will find gloves of different thicknesses that will adapt to different water sports.

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The traditional neoprene outfit

Obviously, who says surfing, even electric, says surfer outfit. The traditional outfit of surfers is the neoprene outfit. This jumpsuit is available in all sizes and all colors. It will protect you from water and cold during your fliteboarding session.

The ideal outfit for Flyboarding

The Flyboard, an experience not to be missed , will make you fly several centimeters, or even meters for the most experienced, from the sea. It is still a more extreme sport and therefore requires very specific equipment, especially for beginners.

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Wearing a helmet

In the event of a fall, being propelled with a certain force, wearing a helmet is strongly recommended. You will find helmets of all sizes , specially adapted to water sports and therefore to water. There are soft shell helmets that are more suitable for diving, but both types will be fine to protect you.

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A life jacket or PFD (Personal Flotation Vest) is essential safety equipment for Flyboarding. There are different types of more or less light vests that adapt to all body types. The important thing is that when needed, you can float on the water.

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Isothermal pants or neoprene wetsuit

We are not going to show you the great classic that is the neoprene wetsuit. The latter adapts perfectly to all water sports or watertoy practices including flyboarding.

But if you don’t necessarily want to wear this type of outfit, you can also opt for thermal pants. These are the type of pants worn by sailors and skippers.

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Take advantage of the Mediterranean to have fun

Custom Motors accompanies you in Antibes and on the Mediterranean coast by offering you various watertoys for sale or rental such as the fliteboard, the flyboard, the seabreacher, the jet ski and many others. A fun and entertaining idea to enjoy an outdoor activity with family or friends.

We, at Custom Motors France, are committed to offering you the best possible service. We are looking forward to receiving your inquiries and, should there be any questions regarding our products, contact the team anytime and do not hesitate to ask away!

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