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Custom Motors presents the Seawing II! Discover a very innovative high performance underwater propulsion machine that can go at a speed of 8km/h. Come and test it at Custom Motors!

From 1200€ tax incl .
Water Toys
Explore the sea floor

Propelled diving

The Seawing II is the latest underwater scooter from Yamaha, more powerful than the first model.
Powerful, the Seawing II will take you underwater at a maximum speed of 8 km/h and can dive to a depth of 30m.

Its two motors guarantee a more powerful but also smoother propulsion under water.

Underwater speed

8 km/h

A switch allows you to switch from low to high speed.
Lightweight and easy to pack in a backpack or suitcase, this Yamaha Seawing II underwater scooter is the perfect companion for any dive enthusiast.



Even better, it has a fast-charging lithium battery, only three hours for a full charge, allowing you to enjoy your machine for 40 minutes.
Thanks to the display, you can know your current speed and battery level at any time.

Water toys, Seawing II

Autonomy: 40 minutes
Speed: Up to 8km/h at top speed

Allowing you to go up to 30 meters deep, the Seawing II will give you the confidence for epic dives.

It floats naturally in salt water, allowing you to maintain a perfect grip of the device.

– Powered by a 14.8V / 10AH / 148 Wh Lithium Ion battery

– Battery ADR UN3481 regulation

– Charging time: 3 hours

Water toys, engine of Seawing II

Two motors / two speeds

Its two motors provide you with powerful and gentle propulsion, according to your needs at the time.

Water toys, Seawing II

The Seawing II is available in two color schemes: Red/Carbon or Yellow/White

Water toys, OLED Screen of Seawing II

The Seawing II offers a screen with OLED technology, which offers the best brightness and visibility, so you never lose sight of the speed and range of your machine!

Water toys, Seawing II

Lightweight and small in size, it’s the perfect travel companion.

– Dimensions: 510 x 167 x 275mm

– Packed dimensions: 65 x 24 x 38 cm

– Weight: 3.7 kg with battery

– Overall weight (including packaging): 7 kg