Original idea for a team building

Organize an original team building

Team building was born in America in the 1980s. This concept gained momentum in the 1990s, then continued to develop, to the point of making it a profession: team builder. A real asset for a company, team building requires organization and originality. But how to succeed in creating an atypical event capable of strengthening social ties within a structure? This is what we are going to talk about in this article.

What is team building?

Water toys, flite service pour le team building

It is a business marketing tool whose role is to create cohesion between the various stakeholders of the same structure. For this, events are organized outside the workplace. These are often sporting challenges where employees must then communicate and organize themselves to win the event.

Thanks to this concept, the company hopes to motivate its employees, increase their performance, appease any conflicts, or even develop affinities… the aim being to work in good conditions and make the company prosper.

Team building is also an excellent way to analyze the potential of employees. It is thus possible to detect their different skills, such as:

  • taking initiative;
  • ease of management;
  • achievement of objectives ;

Organization of an atypical team building

Before focusing on the original aspect of your team building, you need to organize it according to specific points:

Targeting goals

Remember that above all, team building aims to develop the company, and therefore to increase the performance of employees. It is therefore necessary to choose the right type of team building according to the case. For example, if you need to strengthen team cohesion, the sports type is the most appropriate.

Determine the budget

The choice of your activity being limited by your budget, you must therefore think about it before embarking on the following steps. At Custom Motors, we adapt to your budget to offer you suitable nautical activities!

Fix the date of the event

This is a more difficult point than it seems. You can’t just set a date and expect everyone to be available. In addition, it should not fall on employees’ days off, because it is not conceivable to encroach on their personal life, especially for a positive approach such as team building.

The rule is simple: your date must please everyone, so think about it well in advance.

Find a place

Nothing prevents you from carrying out team building in business, but the ideal is nevertheless to leave the usual framework for a different approach. Outdoor activity is preferred.

Once these main steps are done, you must focus on the original aspect of your team building. For this, you have to find an atypical activity and an original place.

Regarding the place, you can for example choose the sea to enjoy a natural setting. Opt for nautical, fun and original activities, they will satisfy your whole team!

Moreover, by opting for nautical activities, many sports and activities are available to you! You can organize a jet-ski race at full speed on the ocean or explore the seabed with colleagues aboard a Seabob. Riding a motorized electric surfboard in a group on a lake is also a good way to develop affinities.

To be atypical, a team building must go beyond a simple workshop evening. So dare to take the leap!

Here is an original idea of team building that we can offer you: doing Fliteboard together on the sea. This sensation of flying just above the water together is liberating and increases the effect of belonging to a group. In addition, the employees will have in common the memory of a great experience.

At Custom Motors , we are specialists in the nautical field and offer you many services: purchase of waterboys, rental, as well as a workshop to store your gear, for their repair, etc.

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