Maintaining the fliteboard and its spare parts

Maintenance of fliteboards and spare parts

Have you given in to the Water Toys craze ? So you must definitely know the fliteboard! This kind of electric surf flying over the water offers incredible sensations: you simply have the impression of flying over the ocean! But be careful, in order for your fliteboard to keep you hovering for as long as possible, it is important to maintain it, as well as its spare parts . In this article, we remind you of some general information about the eFoil and give you advice on maintenance.

What you need to know about fliteboard

First of all, it should be noted that the term fliteboard refers to a brand of eFoil. If it offers you the possibility of “flying”, it is thanks to its wing which functions like that of an airplane. Indeed, the more you accelerate, the more the water pressure will lift the board. His history If you think this invention is recent, you are wrong! Even though the fliteboard as we know it appeared in the 2000s, the first foils emerged in the 19th century to be placed under boats. It was in 2009 that the well-known surfer, Laird Hamilton, took up this French invention, by placing a foil under his surfboard. He managed to propel it slightly, then added a motor for better performance. This is how the eFoil was born. The elements that compose it A fliteboard works thanks to three elements:

  • A board

Central element of the eFoil, the board is a little wider than that of a classic surfboard, which allows better stability. Of course, you can choose from different sizes, a 1m60 person does not have the same needs as a 1m90!

  • A wing

It is thanks to it that the fliteboard is propelled above the water.

  • Matt

It connects the board to the eFoil’s wing and is where the battery and propeller are located.

How to maintain a fliteboard?

As with a car or any other motorized device, maintaining an eFoil is essential to keep it running smoothly. Here are some tips that will help you take care of your nautical leisure ally:

Cleaning after use in salt water

A fliteboard can fly over a lake, however, it is especially popular for flying over the sea. The downside is that salt water can corrode its mechanical components! But rest assured, that won’t happen if you take the time to complete the steps below after you’ve used it.

  • First of all, you have to remove the salt that is on the device. For that, nothing very complicated, you just have to rinse it with drinking water (not salty). Do this with precision and feel free to use the amount of water needed.
  • Next, you need to rinse the inside of the eFoil. Remove most of the water by lifting the lid and starting the bilge pump. The most complicated will be to clean your cooling system, but there are small tricks to achieve this easily. Find out!
  • After that, all you have to do is start the engine one last time to evacuate the last drops of water.

Advice on the maintenance of the eFoil and its spare parts

Generally speaking, your fliteboard should be taken apart and rinsed after each use, whether there is salt or not. It takes time, but it’s not very complicated: soap and water are enough to clean it. Be sure to dry everything thoroughly.

Scratches are common on an eFoil, so don’t let them build up. Take sanding sheets to remove superficial scratches and finish with polishing.

With regard to small spare parts, we advise you to grease the screws and inserts before use. This will prevent the parts from welding together.

You should also remember to thoroughly clean the mast and the propeller, and dry the battery and the inside of the board.

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