Flite Service – essential for your electric foil Fliteboard

IMPORTANT:In order to maintain the two-year warranty on your Fliteboard, it is essential to carry out a “Flite Service” check after 6 months or 100 hours of use.

Choose Custom Motors which is an official Flite Service Center in France. In addition to the Flite Service warranty, we repair Fliteboard electric boards and sell Fliteboard spare parts.

Necessity of Flite Service for your Fliteboard

Flite Service allows you to track the state of Fliteboard equipment. The objective is to check the health of your e-foil and to correct any anomalies.

REMEMBER: In order to maintain your Fliteboard’s two-year warranty, it is essential to carry out a “Flite Service” after 6 months or 100 hours of use.

This verification is carried out in our workshop between Antibes and Nice in Villeneuve-Loubet in the Alpes-Maritimes. Depending on your location, we can take care of the transport of your equipment. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about this service.

+33 04 89 89 17 12

What are the Flite Service control steps?

Here are all the points that our team will perform in order to check the condition of your Fliteboard equipment:

  • General control of all connections,
  • Update of the board as well as the battery,
  • Replacement of end cap assembly joints,
  • Gearbox shaft oil replacement,
  • Flitebox leak test,
  • Anode replacement

The control lasts about half a day, if we do not find anomalies and malfunctions.

How much does Flite Service cost?

If you purchased the Fliteboard series 1 or 2 electric foil from Custom Motors, the first Flite Service maintenance is free.

Otherwise, for the control of your Fliteboard, we offer Flite Service at the price of 140 euros excluding tax or 168 euros including tax.

Other Fliteboard services offered by Custom Motors

Upgrading your efoil Fliteboard

Increase the capabilities of your Fliteboard! The eFoil Fliteboard is designed specifically for electric hydrofoiling by hydrodynamic experts.

With ten eFoil wings and four stabilizers to choose from, there are multiple combinations riders can consider and take to new levels. If you’re not new to the world of windsurfing and fancy a change from the Cruiser 1100, step up a gear by picking up an advanced wing and stabilizer from the Custom Motors online store.

Want to have a board that stands out from the rest? Custom Motors offers to personalize your watertoy. Choose between a mono-color of your choice or a personalized coloring, starting from 216 euros!

Fliteboard Spare Parts

Even though Fliteboard products are of very good quality, an accident can happen and parts can be damaged or broken.

We have one of the largest stocks of Fliteboard spare parts in Europe. Do not hesitate to visit our online store to reserve your parts. If you need advice, our Fliteboard experts are here to help.

Repairing your Fliteboard electric foil

Your hydrofoil Fliteboard no longer works? Or is it no longer as efficient as before? The Flite Service control is fine, but it’s more of a maintenance procedure, rather than a repair. If you need a Fliteboard technician for the repair of your Fliteboard, Custom Motors is known for that, do not hesitate to contact us.

+33 04 89 89 17 12

Custom Motors

Do you have more specific questions about our checkpoints? On the team that works on your Fliteboards? or anything else?

Custom Motors is a company specializing in water toys and electric water sports equipment, based in the Alpes-Maritimes.

It offers many services:

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Eagerprovide you with quality service, Custom Motors puts its team at your disposal. If you wish to obtain additional information on the services offered, do not hesitate to contact the company, a qualified team will be happy to answer you.

Do not hesitate to call us 04 89 89 17 12 or write us contact[@]custommotorsfrance.com

You can visit us at our premises : 331 Av. du Dr Julien Lefebvre, 06270 Villeneuve-Loubet.

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