Enjoy the Mediterranean when it’s cold

How to have fun in the Mediterranean when it’s cold?

When you live by the Mediterranean and it’s not warm enough to enjoy a swim, it can be frustrating. But it is still possible to take advantage of all this expanse of water with water toys and good equipment. Here you will find some tips to find how to have fun in the Mediterranean even when it is cold.

Choose your equipment well

Achat en ligne, La combinaison est spécialement conçue pour divers sports nautiques

– The combination

The wetsuit is specially designed for various water sports. It is generally made with resistant, firm and warm materials such as neoprene. All of these properties are very suitable for going into cold water and preventing you from getting sick.

– Slippers

Neoprene slippers are absolutely essential, because you will no longer feel your feet in cold water. However, it is not necessary to use very thick diving boots: prefer 2 to 3 mm slippers, possibly with small soles. Both comfortable and warm, your feet will be protected for several hours.

– Gloves

A pair of gloves may be necessary and will protect your fingers from possible frostbite, especially if your hands tend to get cold quickly. Their flexible materials give you all the necessary mobility while keeping you warm.

What water toys for fun when it’s cold?

Water toys, E-surf / Planche electrique / SurfThe Fliteboard

The Fliteboard is the result of new technology and offers many customization possibilities. It is a glide board that can be used with an electric hydrofoil. The pilot can glide and fly simultaneously at a speed of over 40 km/h.

seabob yacht sous-marin femme

The Seabob

The Seabob is the water toy of the new era, and an indispensable tool for moving quickly and easily on or through the water like a dolphin. The machine makes it possible to discover the seabed at a depth of 40 meters. Electric, powerful and silent, it respects the environment and underwater species.

Surf électrique, La AWAKE board est une planche de surf électrique

electric surfing

The AWAKE board is an electric surfboard that can bring new sensations. Within seconds you can increase your speed to over 56/h. These electrical devices are efficient, environmentally friendly and easy to use. Amateur and professional surfers can indulge in their favorite activity even in places where there are no waves.

Prepare well for your sea trip

The first thing to do before leaving to enjoy the Mediterranean is to find out about the conditions before your outing: wind, tide, temperatures, direction of the swells… This will allow you to choose the right place and the right equipment. In unfavorable conditions, it is better to wait another day.

Once there, always remember to warm up. You must prepare your muscles before entering the water. Also remember to cover yourself well until the last minute to keep as much heat as possible.

Never go to sea alone. Make sure you have someone on the beach who can watch you and call for help if you run into trouble. Ideally, be as close to the beach as possible.

 BB Talkin sur le casque de l'homme

You can use special equipment for remote communication such as BB Talkin . You will feel more reassured and secure. Such a kit can be used not only in water activities, but also in the mountains, snowboarding, skiing or ice climbing.

Finally, consider your post-workout gear: dry, warm clothes in easy-to-reach places to warm up. A hot drink will also be greatly appreciated! If the weather forecast predicts rain, bring waterproof jackets, umbrellas, etc.

You are now ready to enjoy a fun time in the water despite the cold.

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