Discover the Water Toys made for you!

Which Water Toys is right for you? QUIZ

A/ You love surfing and thrills.
B/ You like the sensations to be gentle to enjoy the landscapes
C/ You like to feel like a fish in water.
D/ You are an adrenaline junkie
E/ You would like to do underwater exploration without experience
F/ You are a cyclist, and love water
G/ You want to do tricks and jumps (sitting or standing) with your Water Toys

A/ You like speed and taking very tight turns.
B/ You would like to be able to personalize your Water Toys according to your use/piloting
C/ You are an explorer at heart and want to explore the depths effortlessly
D/ You want to feel the same sensations as a dolphin
E/ You do not have a patent and only want to explore small depths
F/ You are sporty at heart and want to discover new ways and landscapes to exercise
G/ The heat engine makes you vibrate

A/ With your Water Toys, do you want to do tricks and jumps?
B/ You like the silence and fluidity of an electric motor.
C/ You want a Toys suitable for everyone that is easy to handle and bridable for children
D/ The electric? Very little for you.
E/ You don’t want to bother with filling your bottles.
F/ You like to have the feeling of flying
G/ You want to be able to customize the performance of your machine according to your driving style

You got a majority of A’s then the Awake electric surfboards are for you!

Custom Motors presents the Awake electric surfboards! Discover gliding gear with state-of-the-art technology synchronizing extreme performance and safe and reliable smart internal systems. Come and test them exclusively at Custom Motors!

You have obtained a majority of Bs then the electric foils from Fliteboard are made for you!

One and only reseller in France, Custom Motors presents the new Fliteboard series II! Discover a very innovative high performance gliding device that can go at a speed of 45km/h. Come and test or customize yours with our configurator for a more personal style, a Custom Motors exclusivity!


You got a majority of Cs then Seabob Underwater Thruster is for you!

The Seabob is now available at Custom Motors! Discover an incredible high-speed propulsion machine to cut through the waves or explore the underwater depths. Come and test it at Custom Motors!

You got a majority of D’s then the semi-submersible Seabreacher dolphin is for you!

The Seabreacher is a propulsion device combining a Jetski and a submarine, it is capable of reaching a speed of 85km/h on the surface and 40km/h underwater. It is possible to dive to a depth of 1.5m. This great innovation is only available at Custom Motors in France!

You have obtained a majority of E then the MiniDive mini scuba tanks are made for you!

The small MiniDive bottles are bottles ranging from 0.2L to 2L they are manually refillable. MiniDive are essential bottles for people without experience who do not want to carry a whole lot of equipment. It is a French brand now available at Custom Motors!

You got a majority of F’s then Manta5’s water bike is for you!

The XE-1 hydrofoiler is the first bike on the water that replicates the same sensation as a real bike, the innovation from New Zealand is now available in France! Come and try it now at Custom Motors.

You got a majority of Gs then the Jetski is for you!

At Custom Motors , fill up on thrills with our JetSkis! Alone, as a couple or with friends, cruise at full speed aboard jet skis selected for their power, jump on the waves, and contemplate unique landscapes! From rental to maintenance and storage, we, at Custom Motors France, are committed to offering you the best possible service. We are looking forward to receiving your inquiries and, should there be any questions regarding our products, contact the team anytime and do not hesitate to ask away!

For further information, feel free to give us a call at +33-4-89-89-17-12 or write us an email at the following address:

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