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What is fliteboard?

If you are a fan of water sports, you certainly know the Fliteboard. Being able to glide on the water and have the impression of flying over it is what electric foil surfboards offer you.
In this article, I explain more precisely the term Fliteboard and how to practice this nautical activity in complete safety.

Define the term fliteboard

Fliteboard Series 2.2, efoil on the water

In reality, Fliteboard is a brand of eFoil, a kind of electric surfboard flying over the water. The brand being famous, it is often used to designate an eFoil.

This nautical practice, which today has the wind in its sails, was born in 2009, in Hawaii. A famous surfer, Laird Hamilton, had the idea of placing a foil under his surfboard in the hope that it would “fly” above the water, and it worked! Since then, many models based on this concept have been created.

A Fliteboard is therefore a surfboard equipped with a front wing and a rear wing, a mast, an engine, a fuselage and a propeller. This system as a whole is enough to make it fly over water at up to 40 km/h, for a flight height of between 20 and 75 cm. All without pollution and noise.

How to practice Fliteboard?

This nautical activity cannot be learned overnight. Notions of safety and practice are to be known so that your electric surfing sessions take place for the best and that you take full advantage of them.


Safety first

The first thing to do before practicing the Fliteboard is to check that the cables that make it up are correctly connected and placed inside. This is an extremely important point, because as you know, water and electricity do not mix. You risk electrocution if a wire comes into contact with water.

Likewise, do not turn on the foil during practice and do not open it while you are on the water. Of course, the battery can only be changed on dry land.

The choice of place

Whether on the sea or on a lake, you must have enough space to practice electric surfing without endangering others, or yourself. You must therefore go beyond the swimming area, i.e. 300 meters from the edge and respect a minimum distance of 100 m with swimmers and other water sports specialists! Also be careful not to hit obstacles such as rocks, objects, sand bars… at 40 km/h, this can be dangerous. At Custom Motors our team will be present to indicate the places to avoid and those to privilege!

pure practice

First, it’s important to get familiar with the eFoil. At first, you will have to be content with lying on the board and moving it forward at slow speed. When you feel more comfortable, you can try getting on your knees and maintaining a good balance, always at slow speed. Once confident and the Fliteboard stabilized, you can try to accelerate and stand up. This is where you will feel the best sensations.

Fliteboard 2.2, Foil Électrique en action

How to improve?

One of the points to improve is the positioning of the feet. At first, the first instinct is to stand in the middle of the board with your feet apart. The ideal placement is to put one foot at the back of the board and the other in the middle. You must also position yourself diagonally, with both feet facing the same axis.

Thanks to this placement, you will have control over the eFoil!

Keep in mind, however, that all water activities take time to master.

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